Best Basketball Shoes for Kids(Updated 2022)

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids: Many people think that how to become a perfect professional player of basketball. Its starts from your childhood.

When you practice basketball as a kid you can become a professional basketball player easily.

if you play outdoors and indoors with your friends or with the team, the best pair of basketball shoes will help you a lot.

When you amuse yourself with team basketball from your early life you don’t only enhance your skills but also get knowledge about the rules of the games.

It is very common that there,s no need to find out good quality shoes for kids but you should not ignore the importance of the best basketball shoes for kids.

The main feature for kids is traction in shoes because there are many chances of kids slipping and falling into the court.

Many brands provide you with the best basketball shoes which can be confusing for you.

We are providing you with the top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids full of guidance to save you from the struggle.

The requirements for shoes for kids and professional players are different from each other therefore, you should consider some important factors before buying the best shoes for your kids.

Some questions come to your mind.

Let,s have a look;

Best Basketball Shoes For Kids

These are the best basketball shoes for kids with all of the features that you need.

1. Nike Kids Team Hustle D 9

The best multifunctional shoes with mid-top design are Nike Kids Team shoe Hustle D 9.

Kids do not have a specific position therefore, they need versatile shoes that can work with them for any sport.Nike is the most popular and trustable brand so you can choose these shoes freely for your child.

Many basketball shoes have a zigzag pattern for strong grip but the circular pattern in the outsole of these shoes makes them unique as compared to other shoes.

As they are lightweight shoes so their features are also lightweight with good quality material. The weightless midsole maintains flexibility and the court feel.

Their soft cushioning pad will save the feet of your child when doing lateral movements.

When it comes to the upper part of these shoes, airy and breathable leather will add style to your look due to their unique design.

They will secure your feet from all over the area with the feel of soft cushioning pads.

The rigid heel counter in the heel area makes your feel softened.

Circular pattern in the ou

  • lightweighted.
  • Multifunctional shoes.
  • Strong traction on the court.
  • Circular pattern in the outsole.
  • They are not suitable for kids below 7 years old.

2. Under Armour Kids Lockdown 5

Under Armour lockdown, shoes are completely well designed with a non-marking outsole due to their white color on the outsole rubber so you can play confidently with these shoes.

When you are going to purchase the best basketball shoes for kids try to have shoes with circular outsole rubber.

This pattern will help you to achieve a strong grip. The thick outsole rubber makes these shoes long-lasting and durable. They are designed with EVA midsole which is well known for producing soft spring foam so that you can jump highly.

On the other hand, this adjustable insole makes your feet ventilated.The perfect perforations placed in the upper mesh with the tongue absorb the extra moisture and make your feet dry.

The adjustable laces will help your kids to stay stable on the ground with a secure fit.

  • Strong grip.
  • Non-Marking shoes.
  • Perforation and tongue to dry your feet.

  • They are not good for long periods of games.

3. Nike Lebron XVII

The materials used in Nike Lebron XVII make these shoes charming and attractive. These shoes are well known for their performance and features.

Another great feature that makes them different from other shoes is their upper leather built with knitposite, which means the upper leather is combined with a synthetic material made from strong yarn to make you feel more comfortable and stable.

This material is not too much stretchy therefore you will need some time to break out your shoes.

Their fabric and color variations will make these shoes versatile so you can wear these shoes with any jersey for basketball.

the main parts of shoes are the forefoot and heel area to provide you with more comfort.

The forefoot is designed with the zoom air unit and the weightless cushioned in the heel area is designed with the Max air unit.

They are also considered an ideal choice for high jumps. They are not specially designed for children but their lightweight makes these shoes able to use by kids.

  • Outstanding material.
  • Knitposite for comfort and stability.
  • Colors vary with a range of sizes.
  • They are expensive.
  • Not suggested for kids below 8 years old.

4.  PUMA Future Rider Play Basketball Shoes

Puma 382068-01 Future Rider Mens Sneakers Shoes Casual - Black | eBay

The Puma Clyde All-Pro basketball shoes come with a multi-directional pattern which helps you to achieve a better grip on the court.

The upgrade cushioning pads responsive for stability and balance.

Now you don’t have to worry when hitting the hard blocks because of their soft spring cushioning pads. They can absorb the shock of landing from a high jump.

Their design and structure will help you to wear them casually also.

As their names shoes that all the features are designed for professionals means they do not compromise on the quality of their features.

When you stretch these shoes for different light activities, they will break easily and become lightweight and long-lasting.

They are the ideal choice for kids with narrow feet as well as for wide feet because they will provide you with a snug fit from the middle and ankle area.

you can play freely with their secure fit.

  • Snug fit.
  • Cushioning pads are made with soft and springy foam.
  • Multi-directional lines for a firm grip.
  • wide feet can swell because of tight-fitting.

5. Under Armour Curry Flow 8

under armor or curry flow 9 is an upgraded version of under armor 7 but they come with the same performance as the old version.

The additional thing which is added under armor curry 8 is the quality of its materials. This version introduce also a new feature with maximum stability.

Their performance is outstanding therefore there,s is no need to change the ability of their performance in the new version.

The cushions are much more responsive for court feel but their impact protection is very low which is not a big problem.

The old models of Under armor curry tend to be heavily weighted for professional players but they are designed for pro players as well as for children therefore they are lightweight with thin material.

They provide you with an amazing lockdown that will save your feet from uncontrollable movements.

Their circular pattern in the outsole will surprise you with their performance for powerful traction on the court.

  • Secure fit.
  • longlasting and durable.
  • They are not good for long runs.

6. Adidas D.O.N. Issue #3

Adidas shoes are designed with purple upper mesh which tends to be airy and breathable.

Their purple color enhances their look because this color is very popular among kids also in adults.

The traction of these shoes comes with the same performance as the last versions of Adidas shoes which is a great feature of these shoes.

Their stuffy rubber with a wide design makes their traction more forceful.

Kids want more stylish and trendy shoes to motivate themselves so these shoes have a fashionable structure.

They will run with you for a long period of games because of their strong materials.

They are great for guard centers and power forwards because of their strong material and leap foam.

Cushions offer you great stability but they will not long last with you over 3 to 4 games at a time.

You have to care for these shoes properly like wiping them before the matching basketball. It will make them durable.

  • Stylish structure.
  • Attractive color options.
  • Thick outsole with wide space for grip.
  • Cushions cannot give impact protection for a long period.

7. Nike Precision 5 

Nike Precision 5 Men's Basketball Shoes

Sometimes the match of basketball held on an outdoor court but you don’t have to worry about having the other pair of shoes for outdoor use because we are providing you with Nike Air Max Impact 3 full of guidance.

They are multifunctional means you can use these shoes indoors as well as outdoors because most kids prefer outdoor games.

These shoes are available at a cheap price so you can enjoy good quality shoes by staying within your budget.

These shoes have firm cushioning pads collar around your ankles and in the midsole. They are very reasonable according to their ability of traction and stability.

The max air unit in the insole will save you from slipping by providing stability.

  • Cheap price.
  • Multifunctional.
  • They are ideal for outdoor use.
  • Amazing traction with stability.
  • Their material is not of good quality

8. Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 3

If you are a player who plays most of them on dusty courts you might know the value of a strong grip.

A strong grip on shoes plays an important role in your performance, therefore, you should go for these shoes.

Under Armour Anatomix spawn 3 are very popular due to its traction on the court. You can freely wear these shoes on any court.

They will run with you for so long. The cushioning system with Micro G of these shoes will allow you to wear them with wide feet because they can stretch easily.

The Micro G will make your feet soften. If you achieve the support you will play confidently so these shoes will provide you with ankle support.

Overall the material used in these shoes is excellent according to their price. Their heel curves will make your feet able to move all around the court.

  • Ankle support.
  • They are suitable for dusty courts.
  • The Micro G offers comfort to your feet.
  • Unsustainability.

9. Adidas Kids’ Pro Model J Sneaker

Adidas shoes have a very classic look that everyone likes. They are designed with  3 stripes on the sides of them.

They are also very affordable with synthetic and lightweight upper leather to provide you with maximum stability.

The outsole rubber with a zigzag pattern is very responsive for traction on the court.

They have a range of sizes means true to size so anyone can choose the perfect size according to the measurement of their feet.

The synthetic material with polyurethane is mixed together and provides you with flexibility.

Their classic structure with low-top design makes your personality attractive and eye-catching, especially for kids.

  • Classic design.
  • Flexible leather.
  • Wider space for wide feet with adjustable laces.
  • They are not recommended for narrow feet.

10. New Balance TWO WXY

Last but not least they are an ideal choice for kids because of their soft materials with low-to-ground design.

Traction is the most important factor for kids because when kids fell into court they will become disappointed. Therefore, most of the shoes presented in this article have the ability of strong traction on the ground including New Balance TWO WXY.

An excellent feature that makes these shoes special is the fuel cell foam in the midsole. Their midsole is very responsive to your stability in the court.

The combination of textile and knit provide you with a secure fit with the feel of lockdown on your feet.

  • Soft materials.
  • Textile and knit for a secure fit.
  • Fuel cells in the cushions for comfort.
  • They are too tight for very big-sized feet.

Why You Should Buy Basketball Shoes for Kids Traction?

There are many shoes available in the market so why we should purchase basketball shoes for kids?  This is because basketball shoes are specially designed to play basketball with the features that the player needs.

If your child is too interested in games (Basketball)and wants to become a professional player, you should support him and don’t compromise on the quality of his/her shoes.

When your child starts wearing basketball shoes from an early age he will become stronger.

Basketball shoes have an amazing cushioning system to save your child from injuries because when he is injured, he will become disappointed.

Basketball shoes help them to enhance their skills like they have spring foam in the midsole for high jump and collar pads around the ankle. Children do not focus on the surface on which they are playing their games sports is just like fun for them.

Therefore, basketball shoes have thick outsole rubber to help them in achieving a strong grip. The construction and design of basketball shoes will add a more eye-catching and attractive look to your personality which can motivate the kids.

How you will know that your child is much interested in basketball training?

Every kind has a personality some children become passionate about sports for 2 to 3 weeks. They are those children who forced their parents to waste their money on accessories for their sports. After that, they show no interest in support.

On the other hand, we found some players who were passionate about basketball training from their childhood.

This is the reason parents should wait for some time like 2 to 3 months. The support of the parent s a big reason behind the success of their kids.

When you are noticing the passion for basketball training in your child from 3 months, you should purchase the best basketball shoes, so that he or she can play confidently.

The perfect age to take your child seriously for basketball is eight years old. At this age, most children are supposed to be healthy with the strength to play basketball.

What to Look for the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids?

There are some elements you should keep in mind when purchasing the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids.

Outsole rubber, Midsole Cushioning system, upper leather, weight, and price are the main elements for an ideal pair of basketball shoes.

Outsole Rubber

Different patterns of the outsole rubber will help your kids to stay stable on the court.

Some common patterns are zigzag and multidirectional lines which keep traction on the court.

Hearing bone design is also a very popular design among professional players. you should focus on the material also it should be thin but long-lasting.

Midsole Cushioning system

The midsole cushioning system is very important, especially for kids with flat feet. It will help them to provide arch support when they do high jumps, otherwise, the problem of flat feet increased from time to time.

Apart from flat feet, the midsole cushioning pads are also important for other players to save them from injuries.

You should consider EVA as well made from a polymer material that produces spring midsole cushions.

Children are not able to play with a heavy foam midsole, therefore, basketball shoes have weightless EVA to absorb the shock from hitting the hard block.

If your child did not feel comfortable with EVA, you can also get the shoes with a TPU overlay (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) with flexibility, which allows your child to move his/her feet all around the court easily.

Upper Leather

The upper leather with synthetic material will help you to stay away from injuries. It is also lightweight d and easy to carry especially for your kids.

The upper mesh with synthetic leather should have ventilated holes that will provide your feet with hygiene.

The breathable leather should be comfortable and soft which will absorb the extra moisture of sweating.

The upper leather matters a lot in style because it is the most visible part of shoes.  you should look at the choice of your child according to his/her taste.

Trendy and stylish leathers are the most attractive therefore consider the style of leather also which will make your child motivated.


Kids cannot hold heavyweight because their weight is very light so you should prefer lightweight shoes.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of light weighted shoes because there are some lightweight shoes of good quality.

In this article, we are providing the best lightweight shoes with good quality to ease your struggle.

Price and Size

There is no need to go for expensive shoes for your kid. kids don’t need pricey shoes because they are not professional players, you can also enjoy the best quality shoes by staying within your budget.

Look for shoes that,s are true to size because sometimes restricted toe areas can cause swelling in your feet.

The shoe with the wrong size can distract your child during the match.

People Also Ask for FAQs

Some users also have questions about the ‘Best Basketball Shoes for Kids, which will give you all of the questions you asked.


That,s it, Hope you understand the value of basketball shoes for kids. The main factor for kids’ basketball shoes you should keep in mind is their weight and traction.

You should not ignore the interest of your child because when you support your child from/an early age then he or will become a successful player.

Basketball shoes help your kid to improve his abilities therefore, you should invest some time in choosing the best basketball shoes for kids.

We try our best to cover all of these questions related to the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids.

If you have any questions related to this article never forget to tell us in the comment section below.

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